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Once when I was about six, and was pooping on the bathroom I asked my mother

"Is labour anything like pooping?"



I relate to this in many spiritual levels

You remove religion from our world and you’ll instantly achieve world peaceĀ 

actors who take themselves too seriously


actresses who call themselves ACTORS


people who actually believe Kristen Stewart can act


celebrities that hate the internet


celebrities that blaim their fame and fortune for their hedious behavior


Students that succeed in all classes

Me: for spending 5 minutes creating a useless post because I don’t have anything else better to do with my life


Everyone has stupid crushes on certain artists or celebrities…I do too…I get crushes on people like Tom Kitt and Nathan Alef…



Do people who justify their terrible actions with “it’s God’s will” or “it’s in the bible” have any idea that’s the same thing as saying “I don’t like you, and it’s nothing personal you know, the tooth fairy wrote a book, and in it, she said no one should accept people like you”

Do you people realize how absolutely ridiculous you are?



Cold weather makes people taller. Seriously it must be it, how come the colder the country the taller are the people.

If all you can give me is your uncertainty then I am certain that I am done with you

Cherilyn Ohlau

Ugh, the desperation to control other people’s lives is just disgusting. “Oh no, other people we don’t like sharing the same rights as us! How terrifying! Sound the alarms!”

"So…how long have you been here?"

"For a while"

"What are you listening to?"


"I like your jeans"


"Would you like to go lunch with me?"

” thanks”

"I can get you something if you’d like"

"I’m not really hungry but thanks" (actually thirsty and starving)

Gets back after 15 minutes eating a sandwich

"Here do you want some?"

"No, thanks"

"Still waiting huh?"


"You’re cute, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you around here, where are you from?"


"Where are you going after you’re done here?"

"Taking care of more stuff"

"Oh…have you filled your papers yet?"


"Oh so can you help me with mine?"


"You’re really nice"


He needs to play piano, bake me chocolate cakes and love me


like am I asking for the moon here? I don’t think so

You know when you start watching a show and then the day is over and you realize “fuck, I just watched the last episode what am I supposed to do now…oh wait it’s time to go bed”

Jonathan Groff on His “Sexy” Frozen Character, and Singing as Kristoff and Sven

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