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Eva Degeyter

If you want to judge, judge people on HOW they love, not on WHO they love. Same letters, different order. Makes a world of difference.

dear people who didn’t wanted to watch frozen on theaters and didn’t knew anything about it before it became a phenomenon, you ended up watching it, you ended up liking it (sort of), but now you are all saying you hate it cause you can’t fake it anymore…you know, there was a character in that movie that pretended to like it too but things didn’t turned out well for him in the end…

Taylor Swift

If they don’t like you for being yourself, be yourself even more.

Kimberley Kemp Spurlock

As a european, we are just staring in bewilderment that this is such a big deal , maybe more money should be spent on the fact 1 in 5 kids in America go hungry rather then court cases trying to strike down gay marriage. Not to mention, more people having weddings is good for the economy, a lot of businesses make money off them. How does a man or a woman marrying someone of the same sex hurt anyone? A child starving however? that’s a REAL problem.

Kai Robinson

Of all the (non-physical assault/legislatively restricting) things against being gay, people suggesting that I made the choice to be gay is WORST

not just because its insulting, but that people have the nerve to confidently believe that they know me better than I know myself

one of the advantages of not getting out often is not being reminded of how poor you are

people who don’t smell books are weird

friend: omg look at this dress isn’t it amazing? I am gonna buy it

me: jesus christ look at that price, 60$ for a summer dress? that’s a fortune

15 minutes later at the library

me: omg a deluxe edition of Peter Pan with Arthur Rackham’s illustrations, this is a treasure, look at the quality of the paper, and the printing is so good, and omgosh the smell…smell it! 

friend: it’s a book, it smells like a book, and look that’s super pricey, 40$ for a book? a BOOK? that’s ridiculous

me: a book takes you to other places, feeds your soul and lives forever, what does your dress do

Chris Thompson

I’m not here to bash on religion because whatever you choose to believe IS YOUR CHOICE. However if your religion makes you feel right in kicking your own child out of the house over something they have no control over then I’m sorry I don’t need a book to tell me that’s wrong.
Listen to the hate and anger in those people’s voices, is that what God wants? These people don’t care about what God thinks, they care about the shame from the neighborhood of having a gay person under their roof.

You know what is a choice? to believe in a book

You know what is a choice? to believe in an invisible god

You know what is a choice? to be filled with hatred and ignorance

Why would you blaim us for choosing something we cannot choose, while you are the ones who are making all the wrong choices and not getting blaimed for them?

people with perfect skin….go back to mars

I can’t wait to be old XD I’m gonna pretend I’m dead ALL THE TIME HAHAHA it’s gonna be so much fun

also I finally started watching Nolan’s Batman trilogy…omg IT’S SO BORING

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