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people with perfect skin….go back to mars

I can’t wait to be old XD I’m gonna pretend I’m dead ALL THE TIME HAHAHA it’s gonna be so much fun

also I finally started watching Nolan’s Batman trilogy…omg IT’S SO BORING

am I the only one who didn’t thought the fault in our stars was that special or that great? like…I thought it was kinda boring…idk

One Book to Change Them All →


Sim Yu Xiang

Yet every night she would lay wide awake on her bed, too tired to engage in any activity, yet unable to summon up the will to sleep.

Okay a moment of silence for straight people and straight couples who don’t want to have children. Can you imagine? Poor people…I mean if religion hates gay people and gay couples because they say it will cause the end of humanity since they can’t reproduce, JUST IMAGINE how much they must hate straight couples who CHOOSE not to. OMG…I can’t even think about it…the horrible things they must do to them…the only thing that must be worst than that are straight couples who don’t have children and then…get divorced!!…OMFG…no wait…and straight people who never get married? Who never have kids? and…straight people who…are infertile? they must call them demons or something…poor straight people…am getting emotional already

AND STRAIGHT PEOPLE WHO CAN’T conceave and adopt? OMG that must be a horrible sin…like straight people who can’t conceave and then they … adopt?

to LOVE and raise a child who wasn’t conceaved by them? WOW that must be mindblowing to them

And to think on the amount of children in this world who are being thrown into the garbage, completely neglected, have no families and grow up without love, comfort…some are even starving to death…oh my god, can you imagine how they probably hate the straight parents who did that to them? WOW I bet they do ALLOT to stop that from happening, I bet they do TONS of articles about it, speeches, interviews, and just informing people in every way they can…I bet they send people to those places, try to gather money and volunteers, and do everything they can to end it!

such horror…

straight people must have it so hard

*ends watching a movie, behaves like their favorite character from it for the next three hours*

I’m going to burn in hell for saying this, but I don’t care.

And I am allowed to say these things because I tried to be one for a while, and I hated it, I forgot what was the taste of real food and it was awful, I wasn’t even looking foward to eat it anymore, it was just so sad…so please don’t hate me people. I am all okay with eating vegetables, they’re nice! And we all should have a balanced diet! Wich means a bit of everything. Eating just one kind of food is unhealthy, no matter what it is, or how you sell it.

I have friends who are vegetarians, one of my sisters is a vegetarian (and I take every chance I get to mess around with her..because well that’s what siblings do, and it’s fun), Sierra Boggess IS a vegetarian and you all know I love her…allot of people I admire and love are vegetarians…

…but to be honest with ya all, the first thing that ever comes to my mind whenever I’m listening to them talking about HOW great their food is, how amazing they feel and how healthy it is and all of that…the very first thing that comes to my mind is Alicia Silverstone in a third world country explaining her option to live as a vegetarian to a bunch of people who are starving to death and their thoughts on her “is da bitch crazy or what, if you have food you eat it, like are they wackos or what, they actually have food, and can afford it, yet they don’t want it”…and I am not even going on how expensive that crap is. Oh cheese is a HUGE thing for them, because it’s like one of the few things they can keep.

ALSO something that annoys me like hell is when they’re all like “HMMM this is soo good, and it tastes exactly like meat, try it! You should def try it, you’ll love it!” or “I bought these seitan stakes, these soy burgers, these soy sausages”
Okay so FIRST: NO IT DOES NOT TASTE LIKE MEAT, it tastes like…dry bread, or soap…or nothing really. ALSO if you HATE the fact that people eat burgers and sausages, and stakes or whatever, WHY WOULD YOU make your food to look the same as ours and then be so proud to smash it in our faces? that really makes no sense to me.

What if I’ll make you a nice stake and then make you eat it while I say “DOESN’T IT TASTE EXACTLYYYY like your seitan?! EAT IT IT’S GOOD! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!”

"OH you are killing animals to eat! You are a murderer!"
"Guess what honey, animals would eat you if they could, and you are killing plants to eat them too"

I’ll eat that kind of food when there’s nothing else to eat. AND ALSO if there is ever a zombie apocalypse, you know who’s going to die first. Just sayin…

David Kawena

Let me tell you something, I do not believe that being gay, lesbian or whatever is a choice! But I do know for sure that hatred is a choice! A damn wrong one and damn easy one!

The Jungle Book (1994)

Mowgli: Man has many laws, most about killing. You kill for sport and anger and treasure. The jungle law says we may only kill to eat and to keep from being eaten.
Capt. William Boone: You know, you almost sound like a man, instead of an animal. You’ve been trained to sound like one.
Mowgli: The more I learn what is a man the more I want to be an animal.

I love how in a buzzfeed post named the 42 most adorable things you’ll see today, there was only one picture of a child, and it was all dominated by kittens, puppies and waaaabbits


googles “puppies” gets 84 000 000 results

people are so stupid..”here take a bunch of flowers I killed for you, so you can put them on a vase for three days and then throw them into the garbage, now isn’t that romantic?”

no that’s cruel

why can’t you get each other a nice book instead. If you want flowers, plant them

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