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Okay I don’t wanna alert people who have no idea what Into The Woods is, but if this movie will do the show justice, be prepared cause it might be the greatest Disney movie of all time

just sayin

But the real question is: why is it so much faster to delete files than copying them? It’s almost like your computer has a thirst for destroying things, and gets bored when it has to be helpful.

I’m the kind of person that will not find shows like Friends or How I Met Your Mother that funny, and then completely crack up over stuff like Modern Family, 30 Rock and Parks and Recreaction

guys I feel so alone

Your favorite Hugh Jackman movie says allot about who you are as a person

why do people talk to their pets as if they were people

and talk to people as if they were their pets

The comment section on YT is one of the weirdest and darkest places known to man

People who hate on Disney movies and musicals aren’t really happy

When you love something that has a great concept but poor execution

there are people who marry in their early 20’s and have babies…by personal choice

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